A successful but pointless rally xD

I got on chat and was like. Hey lets have some fun and rally on Iw’s server. Due to some spy on gw chat (don’t trust hurricane during battles, he was fighting with iw) iw knew about it and actually beat us there lol. Well it was fun and the Golden Warriors got a full chat quick and started having some fun. We need to do some stuff like this more often lol.

We just start getting on cp, iw beat us there lol

We joke bomb again, you can barely see any iw puffles

We make a line at the bottom

We continue to gold our line while iw does a 5 person puffle

We collide with Coins (gw) and Puffles (iw)

We joke bomb Iw’s line

Continue to Joke Iw’s line


We continue the Joke Bomb

Thank you Aaddog and Shadow for helping get people there.

I let the Mods on chat lead so thanks Mrtchy and Shadow for doing a good job leading.



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