Random *UNSCHEDULED* Gw Rally (led by mods)

Well if you already don’t know about the Gw Rallies, we let any Gw mods online lead them and they are completely unscheduled and I usually do them right after school when alot of gw is still in school.

I also usually tell the other army about the rally to get them to come on. But unfortunately, Iw didn’t show in very large amounts, even after I pc’ed their owner on chat and said on main chat. I even got pictures of me doing it.

I sent a Pc an owner ranks saying we were rallying on snowmobile.

I got membered, then said on main chat the same thing.

One of the mods leading had us do coins. E+M. Good job.

*REMEMBER* these are unscheduled and led by Mods who are on chat. If you want to lead a rally make sure your active on chat and you may get lucky.

LED BY: Denzzil & Goodbye5

Congrats on leading well as mods.



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