The force is strong with this one xD.

I admit, Iw is larger now than they were during the last war against them. This makes them a good opponent since Gw is larger now also. Hence the title name lol. Well this is getting pointless I think.

Iw invades Oa. Oa wins.

Oa invades Iw. Iw wins.

Its like never ending :P. I do not like to tie and you know that and right now Iw and Oa = tie (for now).

We will not invade the Ice Warriors capital since I understand that we would not want them to invade our capital, if they invade our capital we will invade theirs too. The Golden Warriors will be having alot of rally’s and raids from now on. I mean its alot of fun to do an unscheduled rally or raid on their server and im sure it was fun for Iw too since it doesn’t actually count.

~Rise Of The Golden Warriors~


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