Re-Invasion of Half Pipe o.o

Riotors edit: We will re-schedule.

You might be wondering what im talking about well guess what, we lost Half Pipe. Earlier this morning at 8 AM EST IW invaded Half Pipe from us. Half Pipe is our beloved OA server and we are going to take it back. To be truthful many of us did not know about this and it came as a surprise to us all. If u want the proof that IW’s invasion was scheduled look here at

So here are the times and places.

Why: To get back Half Pipe

Where: Half Pipe, Start at Dock

Times: 4:30 PM EST, 1:30 PM PST, 3:30 PM CST, 2:30 PM MST, 9:30 PM UK

Date: Sunday, February 28th(Tomorrow)

Ok so as you can see we will not give up without a fight and hopefully ill notify HSA and they will help since this is their server as well.

Albaro Lord GW 3ic

PS If Sai or Rio want to change date and time please do quickly and comment if u can go.


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