Invasion of IW ( A MUST MAKE)

Swimmy Edit: Im Alost not grounded ill be back soon

Idk how the iw thinks they won the last 2 invasions, even viewers on cpac agree we won…well the Oa now own christmas, snowmobile, and husky, and soon to be sub zero and sleet.

Invasion of Sub Zero

Armies: GW, WW, LW, RBA

Server: Sub Zero

Room: Plaza (To Start)


When: Saturday, March 6, 2010


11 am PST

12 pm MST

1 pm CST

2 pm EST

7 pm U.K.

Time to hit IW hard with a double strike against two of their main servers, Sleet, and the capital – Sub Zero.  We will be splitting up the Orange Alliance and hitting both servers simultaneously this Saturday. All armies should put the chat they were assigned for the battle as a tab on their main chat.  Also, be there at least 20 minutes early!




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