What is Up?

Hey Peoples,

Well I been thinking, what the hell is up with our chat? I was online the chat 90% of the day. I was alone and then Sai finally came online. A chat is a key point to what keeps an army active. No one is ever online. The more people online the chat, the more the newer recruits get interested in Golden Warriors and the more we suceed. You see the connection. I know I am just a 3rd in command but it is my responsibility to help us stay active. And that also means online the chats. So please get online the chat. If no one is there, wait until others get online. It will start a chain reaction and we will be in the good days and we will have full chats everyday. We never got the credit we deserved in 2009. We deserved number two back then and we never got it. So my mission is to make us get that large again. So please just get online the chat.



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