A little disappointed

Hey guys it Albaro. Well im disappointed in how GW has been doing. Sai made a big post about the invasion of Sub Zero and im the only one that came from GW. OA was creamed-.- we had like 10 troops while IW had like 20+ or something or more. What really annoys me is that Sai and Rio keep going on and on about how our strength is in the UK time zone. Oh wait Deet came too XD. Well that time was UK friendly and all US times friendly. And another annoying thing is that i know we had other troops on somewhere and also that we had over 55 comments on the post… and even the one who posted the event, Sai did not show up-.- So what happened to the GW of 10+ troops on chat? What happened to 20+ troops on CP?Do you know what will happen if GW is seen like this? We are supposedly number 4, we wont be if you guys dont remember to come to events, go on chat, and have fun! Please and thank you.

Albaro Lord GW 3ic


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