Time Is Here!

Hey Soldiers,

Well now that I am temp leader, it is my job to keep us active and update the site. I will be probably editing our CSS as I did a few days ago and as I finished Sai was afk to show him and my computer shut off. Luckily I saved it on my computer, so all I need is admin and I will be fixing the site up. I have also gotten a lot better at graphics and I am sure Sai and I will update them all. I know I will start.

I am also going to be starting many recruitments and practice battles, also recruitments. Next week will be the recovery week. What I mean by recovery week is, it is Spring break and we are going to need to be all on chat and ready for a QRD. QRD stands for Quick Reaction Drill. One of the leaders will be on the chat and saying something random like “The Blah blah are invading our capital” and we all get online the server and get prepared. I know all my plans are n00bish but who cares. We need to return to our glory days. So this is my plan and I am sticking to it.



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