Your job as a Golden Warrior

Edit- read Recruiting session post below!

Edit- A new 3ic will be chosen soon, so mods show that you are ready for 3ic 😉

We will be having a few changes in the owner ranks since Rio is taking a break. I will be assigning jobs to the owner ranks. I will be having blaze be our temp leader until Rio returns.

General of the Army (Leaders):

Riotors, Saiyaman Xc, Flipper, SwimmyBlue, Blazeboy136 (Temp)

——–—–———————————Main Owner Line—————————————–——


Wiggle Nn, Juneau2

3rd In Command

Zipper1009, Cold Pizza, Yoda Soda, Albaro Lord

We really need to keep the site and Chat active. Last time Rio left it was a disaster and GW became inactive. I am not going to let it happen again so I will be assigning jobs. It is time our owner ranks do something and help out the leaders. I will be scheduling events for GW and have our 2ic’s lead.

Leader’s Jobs-

Update all the pages on the site such as allies page and coin’s page. Flipper shall update the coin’s page and Blaze will handle the allies page. I will be doing the join page and updating the ranks. We also need to keep chat active and post practice battles and invasions.

2ic’s Jobs-

You need to schedule events for GW and lead them, such as training sessions and recruiting. We really need to recruit to get bigger and grow. Also make sure chat is alive and do not let it die. We have been having problems with chat and I want to keep chat alive. Wiggle try to keep chat alive in the day and schedule events in the weekends where you can come and lead. Juneau you are responsible for chat at night and schedule events during the week.

3ic’s Jobs-

Your job is to also try to keep chat alive and make sure it stays active. You are also responsible to post things when there no posts on that day. You can post CP cheats and army news on the site. Cold Your videos are awesome and I like the CP cheats ones the most. I would like you to post those vids when CP updates. A little humor post is also acceptable.

Soldier’s Job-

Your job is to stay active and do your best for GW. Come to chat and meet new friends. If everybody comes to chat then it won’t be empty and boring. Also try your best to come to all events in GW. I will be restarting the coins page so I can keep track who is active. Your last and most important duty is to have FUN! That is what armies are for. To have fun and make new friends with everyone in GW.

After this post I’m hoping to see a lot of posts and an active chat. I will be trying my best to be on GW chat at all times. If we can all handle our jobs we will rise pretty soon. Owners if I dont see you do your job, you will be demoted. I am hoping this will keep GW alive and will rise to the top.






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