Stay Golden/active count

Our active troops have fallen please dont post it as of now.

Edit correction- 3 leaders left GW ._.

-Edit- Guys, why are we falling just because one leader left? that doesnt mean you should all leave, Without you there is no GW. I don’t understand that just because Rio left means all of you have to leave? Guys look at say the ACP, when Boomer leaves, ya there sad, but they get right back up and fight! and thats what I want to see you Doing! Listen to Sai, Listen to Blaze, Go to events and comment on this post with your name, rank, and scale from 1-10 how active you are!

Guys last time I took a break (when I was grounded) I came back to a total mess. I am currently on my neighbors computer right now since mine is still broke.

To do list for gw while im gone:

  1. Don’t fall
  2. Sai stay active, we need you bad
  3. Check chat as much as possible
  4. Plan events
  5. Have fun
  6. Comment alot
  7. Obey your leaders
  8. Make sure your active
  9. Help other soldiers in this army stay active
  10. And stay golden. The Golden Warriors will rise again.

Please do not make me come back to a mess again. Keep the Golden Warriors active. My computer should be fixed soon.


  1. Name
  2. Rank
  3. Activeness on a scale of 1-10



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