Good-Bye GW My Old Friend

Hey guys, well bye. I Albaro Lord GW 3ic is retiring today March 18th 2010. I have been with GW for a good 4 months and I have to say it was very rocky and very fun. Hopefully you will see me on chat every once in a while and maybe ill help out in battle if i go on during one. Now the people I want to thank.

Saiyaman Xc- Man you got one of the coolest names and you were a great leader and a good friend! Go easy on the muting and use my powers wisely xD. Hope I se you again I know you can lead this army to glory and remember if Luc gets to crazy on WW overthrow him xD.

Riotors- Im not sure if u will see this but you are a great leader. You were a good friend and you will be a better leader if you stop getting grounded lol. See ya around old friend.

Swimmy-You are a great guy and really fun. A good leader and same as Rio, stop getting grounded xD. See ya around my friend.

Flipper: LMAO you are hilarious! Among GW leaders you were the funniest one. A great UK leader and hopefully we will meet again.

Wiggle: Oh my friend how i will miss you. I dont see you to often due to the UK time zone and my EST time zone but at least we had a lot of fun together and i know u might one day become GW leader.

Matt: xD you have a bit of a temper and you wont give me any xats or days lol but you are a good 2ic and a fun guy in general.

Cold Pizza: Ahh Cold, one of my oldest friends in GW. I dont see you a lot since you have not been active latley but I ask you to do me a favor. Try and stay as active as possible until you retire.

Blaze: Blaze i did not know you really well but congrats on becoming 2ic. Work hard be strong and lead GW well with Sai, Rio, Swimmy and Flipper.

Monster: A good guy I will miss you terribly

Mrtchy: A good guy and a great soldier just need to be a bit more active.

Deet: If i spelled your name wrong sorry but you are a good guy and a great friend that i will always remember. I ask Sai on this post for you to take my place as 3ic of GW.

The Rest Of GW: I Will Miss You All Remember Me and Remember These Words; A Flame Wont Die Out Unless It’s Source Dies First.

I will visit from time to time i will miss good bye GW!

Albaro Lord Former GW Veteran


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