Ive Got a Good Idea 100% Guarentee

Hey guys as you know I retired recently. I am currently a adviser for GT, a owner rank at the bottom of the page(or will be when Sai updates it). Well I have noticed that CP armies are a lot of fun with all the war and stuff. As you know IW for example has a IW mall to add more fun so i am kinda adding something new to GT. Wana take a guess? A GT band! You might be thinking what the hell… CP bands usually are not any good.  Well I’m going to have a meeting with Billybob himself and if my idea works the band might become a CP known band aka which means you are going to be famous if you are in it.  If you want to register for band tryouts which will be on Sunday28th of March answer these questions and times will be below.

1.Will you go to as many practices as possible?

2.Do you have a instrument?

3.Are you member or non-member?

Well thats the questions now the time of tryouts.

Date: March 28th Sunday

Time: 5:15 PM EST, 2:15 PM PST, 10:15 GMT(UK) Sorry im not good with MST and CST so i wont mix them up like i usually do

Where:Albaro Lord’s Igloo on map

Be there at least 5 min earlier and make a line starting at the desk and to the door.

Albaro Lord GW Adviser


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