It’s official, Alighf is comming back to town!

Woooo! Hey there Golden Troops! Most of you won’t know me, but I am Alighf, I helped this army, I am a close friend to Riotors, and I am your friend.

Well, I quited GW for a while, then was asked to come back (I wanted too!), so I said I was thinking about it, and my answer is yes, now, I am waiting for a leader to rank me.

Some of you may think “Why are you on the site?”, and the answer is that leaders let me stay here, to think it better, so I agree.

My goals:

  • Be a recognized army legend
  • Be leader of a big army again
  • Help you

Well, I will give you a summary of my story. I was asked by Bellerophont to join the MCP as coleader, I siad, yes, had problems in MRW, came up back in RFW/FW, created a big army named the DPR, we rised to the top 10, merged with OW into OR, we were the best army ever (for me), merged with ST into DR, got hacked, retired, came back, and here I am! So well, any questions? Comment!


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