Recruiting contest

*Important message below!*

Jerry2cool here, Cpst leader (once fired D: Gah) now Your leader. I know many of us haven’t been so fond of this trial merge but hey, anythings possible. I promise you, if things don’t get well, we can unmerge back to our original armies. Just give this a try. I’m sure you will like it, besides, leaders do things with a purpose, a good one and it will turn out well.

Here you are, reading this post, thinking, “Recruiting contest, how lame.” Yes recruiting can be dull, but I’ll give some prizes that yo will surely like. Let’s get to the details.

The prizes: Nameglow, hat, hands, 100+ xats, leading sessions, owner, and more!

The way to win: Recruit.

How to enter the contest

Easy as pie :D. All you have to do is comment with the following:

  1. Cp name
  2. Gt Rank
  3. I want to enter the recruiting contest.


How to get a chance to win the prizes.

Recruit ATLEAST: 5 people.

How to win

Recruit as many people you can. The more you recruit, the bigger chance to win the main prize!

Main prize

Owner for a week. Gets to lead a pb, recruiting or training session. Wins nameglow, costumes and hands plus 50 xats.

Second place prize

Owner for 3 days, gets to lead a training session or recruiting session. Wins light, hat, anime,  and 50 xats.

Third place prize

Owner for 1 day, leads recruiting session, and wins some xat prizes.


Wins an unknown xat prize (could be powers, days, or xats.) Gets a party thrown for them. Also gets to lead a recruiting session.

All you have to do is: Recruit as much people as you can by: April 12th.

To join the raffle, comment with the following (and you need to recruit at least 1 person):

  • Cp name
  • Rank (in Gt)
  • Joining raffle

Don’t get it? Here’s an example:

  • Jerry2cool
  • Leader
  • Joining raffle

Top ten recruiters

  1. Bearsboy
  2. Cheeseburger master
  3. Hurricane
  4. ???
  5. ???
  6. ???
  7. ???
  8. ???
  9. ???
  10. ???


  • Have your name displayed clearly! Ex.

My name is: נєяяу-gт~ℓєa∂єя-ιω||~ℓιƒє-ιѕ-нaя∂-ωнєη-уσυя-вєтяaує∂||~

I would put it like: ~Jerry2cool~

  • Recruit a lil bit each day!

Like the mega millions, you’ll never know!




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