Undecided victory or tie.. :|

Albaro’s Edit: Check The Post http://gwarmy.com/2010/03/28/take-two/

We pwned. but it may look like Cookies won. But if you count the numbers we won. i wil post pics later, sorry i don’t have them now. but i say we won.

13 GT 12 Cookies

er’ i dk about that one i think its 12 12 accually

i dk numbers but we pwned xD

our pwning them with Money

sorry its JPG

14 GT 11 Cookies

12-GT 9-Cookies

us claiming our victory

I say we won… others may  say they won because of there size.. but we outnumbered them by around 2-4 the whole battle except for the beginning Biginning-lost Middle- Won End-Won. Whatever the desicion is, we still did great, but we won!



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