A Change.

Many of you know me as the Adviser of the GT. Well as adviser i want to help GT as much as possible. So here are some ideas that should be put into GT and reasons why.

1.Very minimum cussing in chat. Reason why: A large amount of the people who play CP are in the age of 9 and under. So imagine a mom see’s her 8 year old son saying the f word or the b word on chat? End of CP armies for him xD. I say we minimize it to words like hell, damm, ass and shit.(Sorry about the cuss)

2. More events. Reason why: So like Jerry posted all these events recently events help bring troops closer into armies and with events people spend more time with leaders and other troops. With large amount of events troops will actualy want to be on GT chat instead of like idk, WW chat xD.

3.Choosing leader and owners: From my experience as my time as 3ic of GW I know how they are picked. I was run through of series of test and stuff. Im not sure if this is how GT will run the choosing of ownership/leadership but i recommend this way, you get people to vote for leader. No not by those polls where you can get friends from diff armies to vote for you as well but actual comment voting. So the idea of how we would do it is they would state their cp name, rank, who they are voting for and why. And answers like “He has a lot of experience at leading” would be unacceptable. Each candidate could make a speech and email it to the leader and they will put it into the post.

So these are all helpful hints for how we could help GT and you can all comment on what you think of these ideas.

Albaro Lord GT Adviser


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