April Goals

Ganger here.

It’s time to explain some Goals of the Golden Troopers. First of all, I’ve seen many people lacking and not getting on chat. Some are soldiers and some are owners. That, my friend, will change. If you are a owner rank and don’t go on chat in the next week, then you will be demoted to the rank of Ultimate General. Unless you want this to happen, then I decide that you change your ways and get active. We have so many owner ranks, and I want all of them to be active. There are many people who are admission to be out such as Swimmy Blue. Swimmy Blue has been grounded for 2 months by his mom(and/or) dad. But despite the fact, if you give us no notice that you are leaving or if you have been grounded, you will be immediately taken to action and you will be demoted. I am not doing this to try and sound mean, it’s for the good of the army. We can’t have all these owner ranks, and barely any of them being active. Because of this situation, I have astounded a list of the people who need to step up and start getting active.

  • Mobius 4
  • Yoda Soda
  • Ballion54

If the following people do not get active, they will be demoted to the rank of Ultimate General. All mod ranks and member ranks will also be demoted if they don’t start being active. Speaking of mod ranks who need to get active, I have a list right now.

  • Sparky
  • Pirate Cody
  • Villy
  • Shadowhero99
  • Multi Mario
  • Spirit
  • Joey Anthony
  • Mo Mo 1357
  • Jd112
  • Yobe45
  • Blazeion
  • Denzzil
  • Reeceb
  • Turkey
  • Sunrizer
  • Maria

These people also have to step up and start getting active or else they will be demoted to the rank of Master General.

And if you quit after receiving this demotion, we will not be mad, we will be happy. We would be happy because it will help us seperate the loyal and un-loyal soldiers of an army. If you don’t want to get active, that’s fine with me BECAUSE then you’ll just get what you deserve. But, despite that because that was only the opening of this post. As you can see, I labeled this post as “April Goals”, and I did that for a reason. I’m going to have a whole Goal set-list ready to see if we can succeed with them by the end of April. If we do, every soldier who made 3 or more battles in April will receive and un-named prize. You will learn what the prize is once you win it. Pay attention to all of the rules aswell. But, down to business, here’s the official April Goals for the Golden Troops of 2010.

  • Get 30+ at battles
  • Have full chats on a daily basis
  • Reach up to 90,000 hits
  • Average 900 hits a day
  • Cut on owner ranks

Am I going? No, not quite yet. First of all, we need to be ready for the Tournament battle up against Team Gold. Team Gold is a well-trained army with many recruits. If we had many recruits like them, we would blow the house of the roof and be the largest army. But in our case, we aren’t. So we’re going to be recruiting ALOT. Get on Club Penguin when you reach 12+ on chat. I don’t care if there isn’t a leader there, whoever’s the highest rank, you lead. Take advantage and help recruit. Help the army like you said you would in your first Join comment. Let GT rise.

~Goal of Satisfactory~




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