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Invasion of Mountain

Albs Edit: One of the leaders who has full uniform make a uniform page.


Nachos declared war on ACP. ACP has asked for help so we will be allying with them. We will probably bring back OA after I get the tacos to anwer. They requested that we follow the old fashioned type of warfare, so that is what we are gonna do. We are also going to be invading the Nachos using the rules that I mentioned HERE. Since this is an allies war, we will have the following allies: ACP, WW, IMAF, Brownies and GT, HSA (More to be added when confirmed.)

OA Invasion of Mountain

When: Friday April 2nd

What: Invasion of  Mountain

Room: Snowfort


  • 10 PM GMT
  • 5 PM EST
  • 4 PM CST
  • 3 PM MST
  • 2 PM PST


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