Final Speech(Or Not?)

UPDATE: I am going to stay as leader. I will not retire until I am a Legend in CP armies.


Once I was a leader. Once I could lead an army to it’s very greatness it had within them the whole time. That army needed faith. That army is the Club Penguin Sun Troopers.

One day I came to the CPST chat. I’ve been exploring and studieing the army for weeks, and days at a time. I figured out all the army’s weaknesses, but aswell I knew it’s strengths. This army had many troops in which I felt confident to bring them back to their active-age. CPST was growing very in-active, wearing down the bit of sweat from the shirt of a locked-up man. All they needed was a leader to re-arrange their rules, re-arrange their ways. But, most importantly, re-arrange their size.

I began to realize that they had only a few strengths, but many weaknesses. My objective was to delete those weaknesses and replace them with strengths. I guess it must’ve worked because a week later we got up to 25 at a battle. You see, I’m not the one who made CPST rise. It was together. We all just needed each other for the whole time and I guess that’s what made me happy. Made me happy to finally retire and end my hopefully successful career. Their was only one person I always looked up to and admired to the bit of myself. It was Pink Mafias. I was very inspired by his ways of leading and how original he was. Only he, that one person, can bring the life back to Club Penguin armies. For all this time we thought that armies were so alive, their was always a dead spot within them. The dead spot is only beginning to release, and the worst is still yet to come. I cannot let armies fall or drown to death. But.. I can’t watch it either. I don’t think I’m the leader I used to be. I used to be so enthusiastic about wars and so excited, but now I feel I’m just a hated bastard. When I walk down the aisle I feel like someone is just talking behind my back about how hated I am. I used to be a loved-leader in every way and now I think that everyone hates me. I may have better grammar, I may spell more correctly, and some people may call me a “Good Leader”, but no one really means it. Only one person I looked up to as a friend, and as a soldier. Me and him had our ups and downs, we had our good times, and we roped through the hard-ones. That person is Nico, my BFF. Me and him would always mess around and have fun. He’s the only one who can make armies fun in my case. He brings life to them, and he never lets his army down. If you guys actually care about me, show me right now and decide if I should stay.

Tell me if I should stay or not.



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