Retirement of Blazeboy136

Well Peoplez,

It is my time to retire from all the armies I am in. I am 14, and have had a fun few years on Club Penguin. I have been around for the longest time, and have made amazing great friends. My best friends that I will remember are, Turtleboy402, Pringle64, Rice44, Pochoma123, Panthers Bas, Hurricane, and Coolkid4040. We are tight as a fat womans thong. Everyone knows that I am commited, and if you hate me then you can suck my nuts. If you dont I will dick slap you so hard you will have a black eye. Well sinse you guys know the present me, let maiself tell you about my Club Penguin Warefare past.

The new leaders of Club Penguin Fire Ducks are  Turtleboy402, Coolkid4040, and Khris!

The main reson for my retirement is, I am addicted, and am now getting something I have always wanted. I new life, a life away from Club Penguin, and computers. The great leaders who retired that found this out are Person, Pringle, Puck, and many more. Just cause they took a step out and found the fresh air and more importantly a new damn life!

In 2007 I saw a commercial about “Club Penguin” and I was thinking in my head… “I am going to dick slap the man who invented this cause it is epic!” Well actually it was “Sounds fun”. But that is besides the point. My sister made an account before me named Rockgirl11, and she was super oober rare. I made an account called Gph156 and he got banend cause I said “RAPE ME GARY!” yes gay I know. So I hacked my sisters and played. Then in 2008 I decided to make a penguin named Gph136 and a penguin named Blazeboy136. I played on Gph136 a lot and found an epic group of peoples named “Tacos” (The Epic Pringle’s Tacos not the fagbag Riffy Tacos). I found there site and joined. No one frikin noticed me. Once the Tacos merged with a crap load of armies and made the Fire Warriors I was still a low rank. Then that army merged with another and created Roman Fire Warriors. I decided to make my own army named Marines of Club Penguin. We were pretty big then I wanted to make a new army named Blaze Warriors! So I retired from MCP and became a BW creator. We got large and soon after we got hacked by Aweiy, we merged into Fire Warriors. Now that I am Second in Command of RFW, I am going to give my position to a wisefull person. Wait is wisefull a word? I don’t know and don’t care. Well the people I would like to thank are,

Turtleboy402: He is my best friend on chat and Club Penguin. He is now the Leader of Club Penguin Fire Ducks alone and is the greatest leader of CPFD history. Please take care of them and DON’T ever merge into an army or I will come back and take over again!

Pringle64: He is perverted and funny. Tought me how to make some epic graphics, and gave me a chance to become a RFW/FW legend, with the merge that was forever great.

Rice44: He was one of the first people to give me a chance in FW/RFW. He was the one who wanted me to be 2nd in command, and gave me the  Red Warriors army. Thanks braddah.

Pochoma123: He was the man who made me a 2nd in command in RFW/FW. He gave me the chance no one did. I thank him. His cheat site became large, and amazing. He has came along way sinse I met him in the Tacos.

Panthers Bas: He is a wierd person. Made me realise that patience is key. And that leading may be tough but stick it out, and you will be fine.

Coolkid4040: Well your a jerk, annoying, stupid, but your a good friend. Your a great leader and are now taking my spot as Leader of CPFD.

Saiyaman Xc: He gave me all the chances in Golden Warriors. I wish we stayed, and got back up but we cant change reality. So thanks for all your help my Mexican boy.

Thanks, and if I missed you then sorry. On chat I will be known as James or Cj. Ok, well by the slim chance I come back I would like to ask Rice, Poch, and Turtle if I may be 2ic/leader again? Comment if yes. I will also stay CPFD Advisor until we get medium or major. What ever comes first.

~Forever Known As Blazeboy136


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