Transmission: Defense of Icicle: Victory

Well, recently a war broke out between many armies. But, one of the few armies in this war were the Cookies and Golden Troops.

Cookies tried to invade Icicle from us today, but they did not succeed, having none on chat and none on Club Penguin. I officially announce the Cookies of Club Penguin as “the no-show army”. Next time you mess with us, be sure to know how bad we can beat you. Obviously, you guys can’t bit it. But you just can’t admit it.

Read More for the results.


We make an L, standing for you Lose.

————————-Jerry’s pics——————————-

(We make a L line, for you Lose. 21 Gt)

(An epic line, with epic suns! 21 Gt)

(Same line, bigger emote! 25 gt)

(Circling the water, with war faces! 28 gt)

(A very epic line, we are not amused by Cookies no show! 30 Gt)

(Almost circling the whole berg, just another 30 penguins ey? 20+ gt)

(End it with an april fools joke! 20 gt)

Our chat in the beginning! 23 on =D

We epicly pwn this event, BUT there’s always a butt…

There were more members than mods. INCREDIBLE :O

Next time, we want the whole gt here! This is good, because it was a short noticed battle, prepare for more stuff gt!

And happy April fools!

—————–Kali pic—————–

23 Gt in a line

22 gt, making suns

Gt circling water. About 28 gt

Gt making puffles. 20-30 gt

18 Gt in a line

25 gt in a line

All hail Katrikatrina! 28 gt

Hearting the town! 20+ gt


Spotlight picture……..





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