The GT and IW?

Today I talked to a former friend, his name is Iceyfeet1234.  I have talked to him about what he feels towards GT and what are his feelings about this so called rivalry. IW has never really had much against GT and its because GT started fighting them is why they fight back. Or so thats what Icey said.  When the OA vs IW started i had to leave a  army where i had a lot of friends.  I ask you to do me a favor, dont go around calling Icey a bunch of names, hes a good guy.  From what i have heard the only reason we are at war with IW is because people just dont like Icey. Tell me just because you guys dont like Icey means we should be dissing all of IW! When this war started, when this rivalry started, I had to chose a side, i had to leave friends! So think now, should we hate IW, should we ban them when they come on chat, i went on IW chat and got unbanned thanks to Gill who is currently a IW unbanned on our chat. Your choice we either hate them, stay neutral or be friends.

Albaro Lord GT Adviser


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