Invasion of IW Nation(Promotions coming soon)

Transmission: War won, Sub Zero is ours


I know Albaro tried to teach us a lesson, but you see. There’s just something about this situation that I will introduce to you. First of all, both of the armies are always insulting each other. You know that for many of years in Club Penguin Warfare theres only one way to solve that. One on one, the battle for the champion. We are the champs and this war will prove that GT is the 3rd largest army. I don’t care how we do it, I don’t care why we do it, I just care that we do do it. In our last war, the Defence of Icicle, we only have 30+. I know that we can even get more than that. You may think ‘What the heck is he saying?’ BUT you all need to learn that we can do it. We’ve gained many new recruits since the merge, such as Warrior1005 and S7gtarmy. We also have atleast 5 more, but those are only examples. We will win this war like I know we can. The crities think we will surrender. They think we’ll lose. But they’ll have to see what happens when GT comes up and brings pure hell to IW and their soldiers. Comment if your with me on this post. Now onto the Invasion of Sub Zero. We will be invading the rest of IW’s Nation later on.

When: April 10 2010, Saturday

Where: Sub Zero


12:00 Penguin Standard Time

1:00 Mountain Standard Time

2:00 Central Standard Time

3:00 Eastern Standard Time

8:00 United Kingdom

(All times consist of PM unless you have a different Time Zone then the following)

You see, Boomer made quite a valifieing point to me on the post earlier. First of all, Boomer said that theres no reason not to have war. It’s the fun of CP armies, and you don’t have to not like each other. But, you see. This really pointed the damn truth I was trying to give to Gill, Icey, and countless others of IW. We are doing this all for fun. But, even though it is for fun, there are a few people that we do not like from IW. But those people will not be mentioned because I don’t want to ruin any fun. To everyone who think we should have made peace, then I guess I really don’t get you. If your here to bring peace to armies, then I guess your in the wrong place. I mean, you guys are thinking the exact opposite of Club Penguin armies. Your saying that Training Sessions, Practice Battle’s and Division Practice Battles are fun. Then you say that Wars ruin CP armies. But let me tell you something. Did you hear that? I thought I heard the word army. I don’t see the United States Army always doing Training Sessions. Most of the time, those men are in war fighting for there country. And they are soldiers. That’s another point to get into. You see, if your here and trying to get in an army repeatedly asking for a mod or owner rank, then guess what? Your not a soldier. Soldiers don’t care what rank they get. They don’t care if they get Private. All they care about is being a soldier and making sure the army is at their best. Maybe they have no effect, but yet maybe they do. They put alot of damn effort into their work. I have examples of these soldiers who are here in GT. I hope that the following are VERY proud of theirselves. Those are Kali, CJonthemove, Kamikaze, Atm 23 and S7gtarmy. I’m sure your wondering why, but I’ll tell you. These men and women, I mean soldiers, have accomplished so much just as soldiers. They have been so dedicate and loyal to the Golden Troops. And for this, the following soldiers will receive a Medal of Honor.

A Medal Of Honor represents pure dedication and withstance of being a soldier. It means they’ve conquered the battlefield. They have become soldiers. And will forever, be soldiers.

Comment if You Can Make It

War Of Death,



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