Your Choice/ GT Suday’s

Hey everyone its your favorite GT Adviser 🙂 Albaro! Well everyone here knows cp armies are for fun, hopefully. Well I have been thinking for some things to do on cp and chat. CP armies are against us because on chat we cuss a lot(not all armies), on cp we just fight, and we do other stuff cp does not always approve of. So I want to make the GT cp’s number 1 army :)! Starting now every Sunday unless there is important event, like a pb, war or invasion we will go on cp and do some fun stuff.

Here are your choices pick one and comment.(We need all leaders except with the exception of a few to comment)

1.Party at one of the owners or leaders igloo

2. Competitions on CP and chat

3. Team Death Match(An idea i gained from my time as CPC leader, 2-4 teams fighting with snowballs and if u get hit u r out last team standing wins!)

Also as you know the people who make the decisions around here are always the leaders and some owners like me help them out. Well its time for the troops to tell the leaders what they want for GT to have for it to be more fun. If someone comments something that you are against do not say anything mean like “Thats so gay”. If you do your comment will be deleted.

Albaro Lord GT’s Epic Adviser


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