We won Sub Zero

-Edit- Be sure to read all the posts below :P-

You don’t know the pride that flows through me and every other leaders. We showed the world, that the mighty GT, can be the number 2 army of cp. We destroyed IW during the whole time, BUT this war, will be a war I will always remember. We did an astonishing job. We didn’t give up. At one point, we started to fall, but it only needs encouraging words to bring an army back to life. We, soldiers, are one hell of an army, and I congratulate you for that.

Now the moment we are all waiting for, PICTUREZ!!!sHiFt!!!!?!?!?!? (shifty)

To start everything off, we gave an epic impression of our Hearts.

Puffles and suns, never go together

Epic toot bomb

Instant DQ for IW. We won. (We continue battling to make sure we win sub zero)

A heart walk, very large

After claiming forts, we take on the plaza with no resistance.

(me claiming the room *shifty*)

Unfortunately, i log off during forest battle, but come back to get cove. Epic suns

Tootsplosion. (Names in colors since I was in a rush to get back on)

We claim the room.

Invading dock, where we grow a bit more.Not amused by IW

A strong war face

Claiming the room.

After taking dock, we went on to take beach.

War faces.

A nice line, with smiles!

After taking beach, we went to take lighthouse

Cat tank? Suns anways

Once again, IW fails..

Surrounding the lighthouse, we make a nice sun.

Claiming lighthouse, we win the battle.

Finally, a last battle against IW.

We defend ourselves with love.

We leave, with a classical goodbye bomb.


Gill admitting they lost subzero. He lead the battle and was highest rank in the war. Meaning IW had surrendered.


Gill admitting he joke bombed and that it was against the rules.


A picture is worth a thousand words.


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