My name is Jet Warrior and I’m a new reporter and highest mod rank of the GT!

I’m here to do a job and that job is to Bring incredible news to you and the soldiers. We have been lacking on that I believe. So that’s why ganger, the main leader of GT, made me an author. I will do my best to succeed with his askings and I will pulverize those askings. I will be on for wars and any Of the other events we have!

But the thing is my brother is s7gtarmy. So on the Xat chat I will be using his account to Go on. He retired, so the account will be 100% mine. The reason that he retired is because our sister has cancer. But me and s7(as you know him) are only brothers through marriage. So techinally I do not Believe that she is my sister. Yes it is still tragic, but I try my hardest Not to think about it. I feel very bad for my ‘brother’ and the Situation, so I hope it gets resolved soon. I’m going to be making a new account for me in 4 days exact. Please wish s7 good luck But now onto happy things!

This will be my first news report! I’m trying my best, so please Do not be mean.

Top 10 armies

1. ACP

2. Nachos




6. TG

6. Tacos

7. Cookies

8. UMA


10. HSA

These might be a bit what you call Bias, but it’s only because Not many armies have been in large numbers lately. Many have fallen and Some have just been wiped off the face of the earth. Nobody knows what happened to them Because it happens so quickly. I guess we’ll have to see if someone steps up next week – anyone.

-Jet Warrior

-Golden Troops Forever


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