IW will fall.

Artic, you know that IW will fall after this battle. Consider it IW’s last battle. Live or die, you have to choose. This war started from IW’s arrogance and it will end from GT’s power. Our true power that no one can withstand or beat. I am a GT soldier, and I love to fight(Heh heh).
We will win as IW falls inch-by inch and I will be in the battlefield. I cannot wait for this war. We will kill you! Literally (shifty). So to prepare GT, I am scheduling a Recruiting/Training Session. It will be the leaders and the soldiers choice for what it comes to, stays as recruiting or changes into a little old school Tactic Session. Good luck! Be sure to make it!

What: Recruiting/Training Session

When: Monday(Tomorrow as of Sunday)

Times: 3:00 PST 4:00 MST 5:00 CST 6:00 EST 11:00 UK(sorry)

Hope you can make it!

-Jet Warrior


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