New events-updated-(1-today)

BE ON CHAT and the Battlefield for the Defense of Sub Zero


Think the work is over? THINK AGAIN. I wont let what happened to gw and cpst, rise and then fall. We will work until we reach perfection, that is number one army. What are we going to do? Perfect our tactics, grow in numbers, and have fun! How are we going to do it? Umm it starts with an E (hmm)…. Events! Thats right. Please try to come to the following:


When: Monday, April 12

Time: 7:00 eastern, 6:00 central, 5:00 mountain, 4:00 pacific (All pm) (Uk are excused)

Where: To be told on chat

Why: To learn new and reinforce new tactics.


When: Tuesday, April 13

Time: 6:30 pm eastern, 5:30 central, 4:30 mountain, 3:30 pacific and 11:30 uk (Uk try to come if not your excused)

Where: To be told on chat

Why: Umm idk so we can be number one army?

Leader meeting(Owners)

Wednesday, april 14

Time: 8 o clock eastern

Where: Gt chat

Why: I have important things to discuss.

Training/recruiting session

Thursday, april 15

Time: 6:15 eastern pm, 5:15 central, 4:15 mountain and 3:15 pacific

Why: To prepare for our final battle with IW


Copied from IW site.

We, the Ice Warriors challenge Golden Troops to a battle. This battle will decide everything, whos bigger, who owns Sub Zero, whos better, etc.  But this battle will be different.  This battle will be in the Dojo ONLY, and the battle will last exactly 1 hour. The armies can gather at he snowforts before hand to recriut,and as soon as the clock hits the right time both armies HAVE to go to the dojo.  J bombs are allowed, but not recomended, and no allies are allowed.  Here are the times.

Date: Friday, april 17th.

Server: Sub Zero

Location: Dojo



6 Central


(All pm)

Iw seems to be upset of their loss of Sub Zero. Are we going to give up this easy?  Hell no! Guys, start recruiting, start getting active, this will be on hell of a war. If you commented on the active count, and if you commented on the join page, Y


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