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Proof We Won


Hello guys, Octo here.

Yesterday was a big war, I think you heard and you were at it. (Scroll Up). After almost a hour we won the battle vs Iw. But for Iw is hard to accept that thing and they use lies. In my opinion this is a bad thing because we are here on Cp to have fun. But if we don’t do something people will start beliving that we lost because of Iw liers.

All you have to do is to vote that GT won the war on http://cpacentral.wordpress.com/2010/04/11/golden-troops-versus-ice-warriorsarmies-declining-in-size/ . If we do not do this thing is possible that people will start beliving that we lost. Well and if there is someone who doesn’t think that we won, here is the main victory pic:

But some people say that this is fake etc, If you are an IW and you are looking at this post please scroll up and look at the pics took by Jerry. Anyways there is clear that we won.

The thing that I really want you to do is to vote for GT at the upper link. We need to defend the thruth.

~Octavian123, GT Co-Leader, Warmaster~


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