Final Battle

THE BATTLE IS TODAY. 7:00 eastern pm! Recruit beforehand

Flipper: Edits have been moved to the bottom so the event can be seen, the event IS TODAY, so get ready. @ Rio you were never taken off the ranks,  just put to he rank “Grounded Troops” until you could come back, your back now so you will be leader again. Glad to have you back dude. P.S To any UK wondering, your excused due to the timing being Midnight for us. *UN*


You’re probably wondering why I just went out of the blue and posted it up here. Well, theres one reason. This will be a very important battle. A part of GT’s history. Here’s the information.

When: Friday April 16

Where: Sub Zero Dojo(Be on Chat

Times: 4:00 Pacific Standard Time

5:00 Mountain Standard Time

6:00 Central Standard Time

7:00 Eastern Standard Time

Guys, this is very important. The last war between GT and IW. Deciding who owns Sub Zero and who’s the 3rd largest army. And in my opinion, this was poor scheduling by IW. But that’s not the point. I need every soldier to be there. Show up like our last war, but just expect recruits. Read the post below for other Events.

War of Death,



Riotors Edit: My computer has been broken so i could not get on. The people looked at it and replied about a month later saying that we just need to get a new computer. So it took another month to get the money to buy one and so I am back.

*Note* I noticed I have been taken off as a main leader. I am not going to argue, but I want to at least be an advisor of the army to make sure nothing goes wrong.

~Rise of the Golden Troopers, The return of Rio!!!~

Edit2: If you recruit 5 people, you will have an 88% chance of being promoted for the next promo day, and if you come to this battle, you will have a 95% of being promoted!

Edit:Due to complaints of lag, we have placed a smaller chat on the following page (same chat as


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