Jerry2cool’s retirement-Wait, quitting.

Riotors Edit: its sad to see you leave jerry. You were a great leader, but every leader must come to an end sooner or later and this was your choice to leave so i guess its our time to let you go.

Hello Gt, I am writing this post, on May 10, 2010 for my farewell from cp armies. i really don’t want to do this anymore. Today, we had a fight. And I realized, why the hell should I beat myself up for a virtual online game? I shouldn’t! And that’s part of the reason I’m leaving. I know some of gt likes me, but now it seems more than 70% of gt wants me gone. And by who? Ganger. Of course ganger90 who thinks he’s a better war leader than me, a better recruiter and other crap he calls himself. I see I am getting out of hand. Now, before you start commenting on this post and leaving hate comments, hear what I have to offer and let me come to your lives for the last time.

Life isn’t what it seems to be like it was months ago, when I was a n00b, new to cp armies. This whole thing was a jungle, a large African jungle full of surprises here and there. And now here I am, leader of gt, sorry, Retired Gt leader, wait nvm, Retired-wanted to be impeached by gt people Gt leader. That’s better. Don’t you like that tittle? Now, I’m gonna make sure you all feel bad with me leaving. Just my way of having a little bit of dignity before i go. I’m not going to leave a hateful post, but I’m just going to point out a few things that’ll make gt fall by the end of 2010. Oh and ganger, when you retire in the summer and “Gt falls”, it isn’t you leaving, it just that there isn’t no one good enough for gt. But in fact, there is. Rio, sai, Matt and wiggle. Great leaders. So if gt seems to fall a bit, it’s a sideeffect from you. Now, time to report the good and bads of gt!

Pros of The Golden Troops

Great army overall. From what I learned from our new recruits is that they have a wonderful first expierence with Gt during a war.

Chat has a low record of language.

Everyone gets along.

Great leaders.


Cons of The Golden Troops

Leaders fight often.

Chat gets inactive at times.

Too many mods!

Someone keeps giving high rank position to new noobs (Wont point out who that is, but you have a good idea who.)


I really don’t feel like writing so. There you have it! the goods and bads of Gt. There are probably more but at this moment, I DONT GIVE A FLYING RATS @$$.

Let’s get to the topic of why i am retiring. I’m not going to suffer doing something that wont benefit me now or in the future. Sure its fun for a while, but really, after years of this crap, one gets tired and finds something else. I really am not going to continue leading if more people turn against me. I may seem like the bad guy right now, but I’m not. Look what i’m doing for gt. I made new rules that would result in a better army. I recruit my butt off every single day. Even ganger your “Master” doesn’t do that. And as I watch on chat with my secret account, something is happening to me. A smile and a tear. I’m laughing because I’m leaving this hell hole, but crying because I’m going to miss you dearly. Wait, why miss someone who I don’t even know? Since I’m tired of typing and talking about some things that I barely care about, I’m just going to write about my history. (Ps this is about to be the longest post in history, I think. O_o) Don’t worry, by the end of this post you will be praying for me to come back. Right now, i want to curse as much as I want.

Run in with Acp

I recall the day when i first laid my eyes on a cp army. I was with meh friends of cp. Queers, like the rest of non cp army people. I wandered into the Dojo, and almost pissed on myself when I saw 60 green people and some other color army. Instantly, War went straight to my mind. And being like the queer I was then, I tried to “Stop the war” When everything stopped, I patted myself on the back. But when everyone started to run at each other I went, “Holy hippopotamus f***” They chanted Acp. So instinctively, I searched Acp on google. There it was, my golden ticket into cp armies. I didn’t join yet, but when i did, a year later, I still had the same fun i had, but with a rank! 😀 I hanged onto acp, coming to scheduled battles, not knowing about chats yet. I wandered into different armies, like the Ice Warriors and Nachos. Now, let’s fast-foward this.

Ice Warriors

Not a good time to mention the Iw huh? Hehe, but anyway, this is where my noobiness goes and what you see me today begins. The day i joined Iw, I was going to be in a hell of a ride! In fact, at that point in time, Iw would have probably been the best army for noobs to join. (Now it would be Gt.) They made me a stronger person. Made me defend myself. I learned to be a leader. I have great memmories. i would never know I would go to war with my favorite army of all….

Sun Troopers

Probably no one knows this army, but it is what made Golden Troops what it is now along with gw. My army leadership career started here. I started as a mod rank and quickly moved up the ranks to leader spot. I controlled the army in the top ten for a while, until everything fell apart. I was still a new leader at the time. Had no idea what to do. And, it seem an angel floated down and arrived in Cpst’s chat. Ganger. With me and him, Cpst rose and broke the top ten for the third time. We went all the way to the 7th largest army. We fell for the last time, and we destroyed our last troop count.

Yeah, thats alot of troops. 20+. We stayed around the same size, getting 15+ at events and chat everyday. Thats when Sai approached us with a proposal. A proposal that changed the future of GW and Cpst.

Trial Merge

Gw and cpst, merged to make Gt. At our first battle, we had great numbers. We kept rising, bringing more and more troops to battles. Then, the day all hell broke loose. Gt vs Iw, battle to the end. Gt won. I’m still greatly excited by that win. Almost reaching 40. Invading successfully against IW, taking their precious Sub Zero. And we became the number 2 army of cp for that moment. Now, I hope while I’m gone, you guys reach number 1.

Well, that was short? Hehe, I’m not done yet.

People I would like to thank.

Cheeze & Alybaba: Wow. Hell of a soldiers. Never seen two siblings actually share a computer lol. I know you guys are angry for seeing other people take your spot. Look. Stay in this army. And i know you would make it to the top. I expect good things from you guys.

Panthers:  sometimes I hate your guts. But you actually made me realize we needed a better leader who was Ganger.

Marquizi: What can I say about you. The perfect soldier anyone could have. Too bad you became a mimo mod and couldn’t continue with cp armies.

Albert: Good soldier. Expect good things from you for IW. I watched you go from a noob to a bully lol..

Turkey: You was from the old times. You stuck with us through the good and bad.

Yobe: Hey. Great soldier. You were in and out but you stuck with us.

J & R: Hey. Nothing to say but your  good guys. Stay active people!

Native: …. Good soldier? Just stop being nooby and become active -.-

Cheese (the girl cheese, roxas.) : Heh, your a wonderful troop, no lie about that. Just hope you feel better! Stay active. Please .

Now I dedicate this section to those who I love and had great memmories with.


Exblade: Dude. Don’t let no one stop you from your dreams. hey, let your voice be heard in sscp. You will definitly go somewhere. Man, When you came on chat you would crack me up (xd)… im sure going to miss you.

Jackson: Hey.. stop being nooby (xp) 😀 Just mature enough and hey… you can become like me. (I hope so)

Pokemania: Austrialian ey? Amazing soldier. Just wonder how you got so inactive…

Jake: Great troop. Soon to be leader. Hang in there bud and you’ll be leader soon. I think.

Pingux: Wow… Remember flame warriors our crappy army that died (xd) Good times man… but here we are.. our dreams to lead a major army and here it is. Ping if you continue to work hard.. you will become a great leader. Keep the chat alive like you usually do.

Bluebird: Wowwww… Never seen such a great leader! One day you came on chat COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (xd) never knew you could be THAT funny (xd) Keep working hard blue.

This section is dedicated to those are the MOST improtant to me:


Wenny: Lol. Funniest person(Pervert) I ever seen. BONER BONER BONER. Rofl. I will never forget that…. Wenny. I’m not going to say your a terrible leader.. but I know you can do better. (ps stop having sexual moments when gangers on 0.0) Wenny keep the chat alive! For me! and for our children (Xd)

Surferboys: Bestest friend on chat. Man remember Ice Nachos? Wow… the memories that we had.. If it wasn’t for you.. I wouldn’t be in cpst! Thanks surf. Reall funny. Thanks for being a great friend to me. AND DON’T GET GROUNDED!

Skloop: One of the people I looked up to. I learned a whole lot from you. I wouldn’t have had this much respect or leading skills if it wasn’t for you. Alot of people like you man. Your a great guy.

Sai: Wow. Damn I never seen someone so great. Awesome leader. Awesome friend. And in fact, just an AWESOME person.

Rio: Your like sai. Sometimes I think you guys are brothers o_o


Alb: Hi. Your a great leader. Really you are. If someone doesn’t listen to you, just keep screaming at them (It worked for me)

Now. This last section is dedicated to two people that I am forever indebted to.


And last but not least:

Hampton: The greatest leader I ever seen in my whole army career. You basically started a army from nothing to THIS. Hampton you are THE inspiration of Sun Troopers. The day you retired, it nearly bright tears to my eyes because I knew what would happen without you. Hampton i always looked up to you. i wanted to be a great leader as you. I wished you stayed with cp armies. Because if you did, i would learn so much more, cpst would have been top 3. Hampton you always brought life to the chat. Hell, remember the time i told everyone you were on chat and they came swarming like bees to you? People admired you. I wish they admired me just as much they admired you.

If I missed you, don’t flip out. I’m sorry mkay?

Now. Time to wrap this up. Now that I am reading this the next day, I realize, I have no idea what the hell i’m talking about. Yes I hate you ganger, but not enough to hold a grudge against you for so long. Oh and, if you just let other people help, more people will like you. Besides your minions *scn*

Jesus said to turn the other cheek
He also said to forgive 7 times 70
Easy for Him to say
He was God
Or at least the son of God

How do I get to the place
Where I forgive those
Who disrespect me and malign me
Those who could care less about my feelings
Yet I still care about theirs

Why is forgiveness so hard
Why does it take so much out of you
Why is it easier to hold on to a grudge
Rather than to let it go
Am I doing something wrong

If it is true that we are to love others
As we love ourselves
And we stay mad at ourselves
For our misdeeds and misdoing
Is it realistic to easily forgive someone

If you extend the olive branch
Of friendship and kindness and forgiveness
And it is not returned
Should you really keep trying
Even if you feel it is a lost cause

Or will persistence win the day
With the honesty and sincerity of words
Be recognized and acknowledged
Followed by a reasonable attempt
To let bygones be bygones

Is this one of the famous battles
Between head and heart
With both having opposing views
But the same hold on your psyche
Neither winning, neither losing

Sometimes I wonder
If our lack of ability to forgive
Is truly more rooted in our
Bruised ego and hurt feelings
Perhaps the pain we feel is comforting

If I were to release my anger and my pain
Only to be knocked again
Who becomes the bigger fool
Me for trying
Or them for doing

I wish that such matters were as easy
As a game of tic-tac-toe
Or perhaps it is
Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose
Neither happens if you don’t take a chance

So I resolve to forgive
To be the bigger and better person
Give of myself as I would want others
To give to me
And perhaps this time everyone will win.


Ganger, I hope you forgive me for all the things I did to you. See you next time.

I know I “retired” a whole bunch before, but I promise you that I wont come back. (And that’s a real promise.) I love you all dearly, but my time has come. I feel like a bird coming out of its cage.

Goodbye gt. I had a good run…..



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