New stuff!

Hello there gt. After an epic friday, there will be some minor and major changes to this army. Let’s start with the more exciting news, Gt vs IW. The final fight. Who won?

No one

Yup, no one won, we tied. The battle was too close to call, and after 30 mins of cursing, yelling and deciding who won, we ultimately came to the final conclusion. The final, epic battle, where EVERYONE can come. Really, the only reason we tied was because:

  1. Poor scheduling, both armies couldn’t bring out their best on friday.
  2. Dojo is too small of a room to have 2 armies with 20-30 people to fight in. No space.
  3. Alot of people in gt wasn’t listening and didn’t get on.

Guys. If you don’t listen to us, we look like a noob army. We can’t be like this. We’re aiming for that number 2 spot. We must work hard for it. We are close to it. We can grasp it. All we need is YOU to come, all we need is YOU to recruit.

Skater’s impeachment

No, it’s not what it looks like. Skater is not impeached, due to my kindness. It started with sai (Sai isn’t to be blamed for this) with a pc which read “Skater is starting to get on my nerves.” Thats when the idea of overthrowing him slowly infiltrated my mind. After getting owners ideas, we came to the conclusion that he should be overthrown. After a very frustrating meeting, we came to another path for skater. We will not impeach him, but he must change his ways.

  1. Must stop being a dictator

Skater does decisions without the consent of other leaders.

2. Skater must stop giving new recruits mod positions.

If he does this, discipline is basically being thrown away. Recruits must earn their way to mod rank

There are other reasons that will not be shown to you guys. This is pretty much it. Skater, change you ways please.

More events

This army, has gotten boring to me. What can we do to make it more fun? More events  is part of the answer. But really, that’s all I have. Now, it’s all upon you guys. Soldiers, your opinion counts. What shall we do?

Comment with your ideas!

This pretty much wraps ups the post! Oh and Stay active!



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