3IC Poll/Info

edit: If you think you deserve to be here, comment. (You must be Third highest mod rank and up to comment)

Yoda and Mob have been demoted by the way.

Hey guys! You’ve all been so eager for a 3IC poll! So I am bringing you one right now! Here’s how it goes.

First of all, there will be 10 contenders. Only one of the contenders will be winning the 3IC election. Due to hacking and other mis-stances, this will be a comment poll! I will be checking for double comments, or any one who changes their name as a scheme to get more votes. You can vote for yourself once, but only if you vote for someone else too. I will be keeping track of all the votes, contenders, ect. NOW.. THE CONTENDERS!


  • Shadowhero99
  • Cheezepleeze
  • CJonthemove
  • Aero Master
  • 123nico26
  • Mchappy2
  • Ruggy
  • Joey
  • Superwill
  • Zipper1009
  • Jim430
  • Dalek cam

Good luck to all the performers!


Yes, that’s right, we will be going to war with DCP very soon. Every time we have an event DCP come and start bombing us with their “DCP DCP DCP DCP DCP” crap. They will learn not to mess with GT ever again when they aren’t considered an army anymore. I’m sorry to make this part short, but I’m kind of in a hurry for some reason.



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