Life,Friendship,Love and Sorrow/Party

Life consist of those three things. The people on chat say things that aren’t true often. For example im a swimmer, thats true thats why u often wont see me on the comp 5-7 EST or later. But u must remember people on chat are always different then they are in real life. I swear Icey doesn’t cuss out his enemy in real life. Im sure that all of you on chat are different then u r are in real life. You must remember also that the people on here are not your real friends. They are friends on a computer. So I ask you to go and have fun with your real friends instead sometimes instead of sit on chat and talk about shit and stuff. Come on at wars and events or when u dont have anything to do. I also dont want to hear people complaining about their life’s and saying its horrible and stuff. Most of you live pretty decent lives compared to the people of Africa. When you are dieing of starvation and have no home and no family then you can come and whine. Yes it is true sadness comes to pass on people, casualty happen and friends and family are lost.  But if that happens you should tell your fellow troops but u shouldn’t come on and start whining. Keep it to yourself, keep your sorrow inside your heart and grow strong. You might be thinking “Psh Albaro you probably dont know what its like”. I do. I have lost many friends and family. Currently both my grandparents are fighting against sickness life threatening to one and the other a chance of being paralyzed. Now done with doom and gloom on to the fun part.


Where-Snowplow Alb’s Igloo(On Map)and chat

When-Tomorrow! 5:30 EST 2:30 PST 10:30 GMT 3:30 CST 4:30 MST(CST and MST maybe mixed up)

Why-To chill and relax

Ill be giving away xats if you win in games like, Card Jistu and Card Jistu Fire, Find Four, and more

Be there or else!!!! Comment if u can go

Albaro Lord GT Adviser


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