Shadowhero99’s 3ic Election Speech

Hello Everyone! I am Shadowhero99, but you can call me Shadow. I am the Ultimate General (top mod) for GT. I have been in GT ever since it was CPF (Club Penguin Forces). CPF merged with UGA and CPSS to form GW. And then GW merged with ST to form GT, And that is what we are today. I am always active and on chat multiple times each day. I have gone to almost every single battle since we started fighting IW. I know much about CP warfare and I have been included in CP warfare since the Color wars. I was good friends with legends such as Mazchaster, Cooltiger, Fort57, and Kyle Cease. I also commanded Oaglthorp back in the Club Penguin Police (The second militia ever created before there even were armies). I have been high mod rank In RPF, mod in Nachos, and Leader of several armies. I am one of the members of S.O.A.P (Special Operations Assault Penguins) along with Boomer, Saiyaman Xc, and Oaglthorp. I have excellent leader skills and can lead small armies to victory under high pressure. If I am elected as 3ic I promise I will find more activities for GT to participate in, Fight my hardest, Ban, Kick and Guest Fairly, Stop spying from enemy armies, be kind to all new recruits, attend battles, recruiting sessions, parties, and training sessions, and bring back a Golden Age to the Golden Troops! I will not bribe or cheat to win. I will only trust that the soldiers of GT will choose the best choice as their new 3ic. Thank you, and goodbye.



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