My life so far

SUPRISE BITCHES!!! What’s up xcalizorz here! jk lol (its this guy on utube) so, oh yeah i cant cuss……….. ill leave it there….. so yeah whats up!!! prob only 50% of u knw me but…….. so i retired….4 months ago.. ?????? w/e so yeah um i just wanted to say hi and talk about my life so far… so its been HORRIBLE!!!! prob not as bad as pizza’s (u might knw him cuzz he’s AWESOME) but its up there…. so after i retired i stayed on chat for awhile but then i got a 360 for my bday and halo3 and i played tht ALOT then once school started again i got a internet thing for the 360 so i could play online and i got mw2 and i got so addicted i couldnt stop playin it and i still am. i dont even like going outside unless its a baseball game or basketball game! im not doing tht well in school and it just sucks. but i wana knw whats up with this ‘golden troopers’ thang goin on. mabye im stupid but im pretty sure tht it used 2 be golden warriors. i still wish it was cpss (which was the beginning of this army and the one of which i joined). also whats up whith all these new leaders?!?!?!? so yeah. Riotors can u please comment on here explaining this bulls**t 2 me cuz like u and cold r the only people that aren’t A-holes. (no offense 2 other ppl) OH AND ALSO DONT TAKE THIS DOWN!!! UNTILL I COMMENT AFTER RIOTORS COMMENTS!!!!!!! and also the ppl who r reviewing this PLEASE put it up!!!!


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