Deciding an Adviser

Edit: Ias is staying advisor. Tbh I never see you on chat alb, so I don’t know what your talking about.

This is a complicated post and it will decide on who will be a Adviser or not. As you know the current Advisers are me and Ias, a ACP leader. I recently haven’t been seeing Ias anywhere. I was thinking of removing Ias and while at it getting a 3rd Adviser so GT will have 3 Advisers. So the big question is do we remove Ias from Adviser position and who will take his place if he is out? I know Ias is not added  to site right now even though I told Jerry to add him…(Thats what happens when leaders dont listen to Advisers)so im going to let the troops of GT decide Ias’s fate and who will be the next Adviser.

1.You must decide if Ias should stay and this is how we are going to do it. Answer the following questions.

1.Do you think Ias should stay why or why not?(answers like he has experience or he is not good enough will not be excepted)

Now add this to your comment if you think Ias should be removed?

The contestants will be. Nintendo~(this dash means history)A Taco 2ic and currently GT highest mod, Panthers Bas~A former GW 2ic and a leader and owner of many armies(former and current)Matt~Currently an old GT 2ic, Wiggle Nn~(UK Time Zone)A GT 2ic, and last but not least Houndy~A 2ic in Tacos and a GT 2ic

1.Who do you think should take his place(pick 2)

2.Why?(good solid description)

If any leaders have a problem with the contestants please pc me while im on chat. If any of the contestants have a problem with this also please pc me while im on chat. Ias if you see this post and have a problem with it please pc me while im on,I have nothing against you I am only doing what is good for GT.

GT’s Head Adviser Albaro Lord


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