Hell Must Be Unleashed

It’s Ganger here, and I’m not too happy at the moment. Lately our chat has been lacking and we haven’t had as many people commenting on posts. Well, you’re probably wondering why I titled this post “Hell Must Be Unleashed”. But it is simple, you all know that we have a war vs the Ice Warriors coming up and that war by some people, will be considered a part of our History. If you don’t start stepping up, getting on chat, and being a soldier, then the GT’s Golden Age will end. We’ve maxed 18 on chat the last few days and for most armies that’s a success, but in my opinion.. for this army, that’s in between. It’s in between because I know we can do much better. We can get 20+ on chat any time we want if we just work for it. So, for now on, I want all soldiers to be on chat if their online! And if your not online much, any time you ARE online, then get the hell on our chat. I won’t let us rise and fall like CPST, we will rise and keep rising. But honestly, us, the leaders, do not cause the rising. It is our soldiers that are the cause of it. The leader’s actions do not concentrate on the fact if the army will rise or not. Whatever the soldiers decision is, they basically decide the army’s fate. So it’s your choice soldiers. Don’t get active and fall, or do you want to get active and keep beating the Ice Warriors? Or are you going to let those punks beat you and us? You tell me, because I’m not letting this happen. We will have you all recruit 10 times a day if you make the wrong decision. If you make the right decision, recruiting will be de-creased to 1 time a day. It’s your choice.


Yes, that’s right. “Hell will be unleashed” on the date of April, 24th, Saturday. This is the day many soldiers will either fall or rise. This is the day the Ice Warriors and the Golden Troops will face off! It will be the war of death and you have no idea how much I want US to be the victor. My retirement will take place soon, but I promise until that day comes, we will continue unleashing hell into the battlefield. We will continue our reign as the 3rd largest army position and we will soon be the 1st largest. Today and forward on, I need all soldiers to pledge to be active, be a soldier, and most importantly help the army rise! Starting today, yes Rio, the Golden Troops will rise.

~Take Down the Ice Warriors



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