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It tied. Aren’t you tired of hearing the same thing? Iw won, or iw tied. Iw never loses do they? No siree, they just go by, never losing to someone. Today, we showed what we can do. BUT we can do better. We had 30+ on cp. Again. Now. We will work for 40+ and more. How? Recruit. I know it sounds boring, but, do you want to be like acp and have 2 full chats everyday? We will work. We will get on cp EVERYDAY NO MATTER WHAT! I don’t care if there are 2 people or 100. We will recruit till we drop. Let’s be like Tg who recruit everyday. Let’s be like IW who hangs on to top three no matter what. Let’s be a legendary army, and conquer number 1 spot! But, we most work harder than ever to do it. We showed impressive size. Let’s break the 30 barrier and go on to break the 40! I want every single active troop to come to battles, I want you to be so active, that whenever I come on, I will see 1 and a half full chat. together, we can do it. Alone we cannot. So let’s rejoice of the defeat of IW and prepare for the next battles.


Gt tied with IW. For me, I’ll take it as a win since IW always, claims to be the winner.  We did a tremendous job. Special thanks to Kjbulldogs for some advice beforehand. Iw are saying, “This was an invasion, we claimed 8 major rooms.” Wrong. Invasions and battles are different. In an invasion, you invade rooms. In battles, there are no invading, just combat between 2 armies. Look it up in the dictionary why don’t you? Also, whenever we tried to attack each other, the room filled up and half the army was stuck outside. You iw, might say, “Who cares?” No one does. But is it fun fighting another army when you can’t even fight them? That’s why I am Offering a Division pb with IW. It’s a fun pb, where the armies can actually face each other without having to be locked out! To sum this section up: 1.Iw and Gt will share number 2 spot 2. Iw will keep sub zero 100% 3. We are no longer enemies and are nuetral. (Not in order)

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Since we have grown the past weeks, let’s have an active count! Comment with the following:

  • Club Penguin name
  • Rank in Gt
  • Active scale (1-10)
  • What can be improved in Gt
  • What else we can do to have more fun


  • Jerry2cool
  • Leader
  • 10
  • Soldiers needs to listen better
  • Parties!

Comment people comment!



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