Events/Letter to Dcp(Events Cancelled)

Edit: Many people want a war, we just got out of a tough one but this one would be easy. During wars, we just grow. For Dcp this would be more of a bloodthirsty war, for us it would be like practice and claiming servers at the same time. The choice is yours Dcp…

Edit: We are now supporting the following news site: and

Edit: The events with ??? are incomplete. Please visit the site everyday to see the updates to when and where these events will be held!

Anyway, time for more events! We will also be having our first Division Pb! Please click “Read more” to see the info!

Practice Battle With Tacos

When: Monday, April 26th 2010

Server: Mukluk

Room: Snow Forts

Time: 8:00 pm eastern

7:00 pm central

6:00 pm mountain

5:00 pm pacific

Division pb

When: Thursday April 29

Where: ???


Practice battle With Team Gold

When: Saturday, May 1

Server: Matternhorn

Room: Snow forts

Time: 4:00 pm eastern

3:00 pm central

2:00 pm mountain

1:00 pm pacific

Please come 30 minutes before these events, we will be training before we face these armies. We will also recruit before our division pb.

Don’t know your division? Click HERE to see what your division is!

Comment if you can come!


Dcp, will you please shut your overrated mouth? Stop bragging, stop thinking you can beat us. Please, I’m trying to spare you humiliation. If you try to invade our servers, you will be shut down, and in return, we will invade you. Don’t think your superior to us. You are not. If you decide to have war with us, that will only make us grow. You will fail. Just think what you are doing. No I mean think for real, don’t be noobs and try to attack us. Just consider this as a warning.


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