Dear DCP…

Dear DCP,

Hey. My name’s Skloop, and I want to be the new leader of your army, DCP, but I need to clarify some thing’s about GT first.

1) You guys couldn’t kick our asses. You guys max out at about 15-20 on a good day, we max 30+ on average. End of story.

2) The only armies that hate us are you and IW. ACP 2ic Luc even said in his post yesterday that if he had to chose between IW & GT it would be GT, no question. Most people love us, you just can’t take the criticism well at all. Every army gets criticized TONS of times a day, get over it. I see you guys get made fun of on other army chats all the time, not just GT.

3) In response to “Benji912′, who had the idea to invade us while we were in the middle of another battle, that would break the 24 hour rule, which GT has NOT agreed to stop using, like some of the other armies have.

4) You guys said something earlier about you guys being the 4th largest army, and us being 5th. Newsflash, but even before the merge, GW hasn’t been ranked under 4th in a long time. With the newly formed GT, Luc ranked us 2nd, and most of the people commenting on the CPAC Top 10 YOU Pick post are saying that GT is 3rd, and almost all the others are saying we’re 2nd. The ONLY people ranking us lower than 4th are people in your army (“Cooldude Joe” ranked us 5th and “Logrey” ranked us 9th (ONO)). Even Luc from ACP ranked us 2nd.

I don’t know where you guys are getting these ideas from. We are obviously bigger, and your troops are even thinking of breaking the army rules and codes to get back at us. Not to mention we have amounted twice as many comments on our active count in 2 days as you did since your’s was posted 4 days ago.

Oh yeah, and-

5) I don’t really wanna be leader, in case you didn’t notice yet.

Have a good day DCP 🙂

~Sklooperis, GT Leader~


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