Look. It’s time to get active. Now. If a mod misses 3 events in a row, they will be demoted. If an owner misses 2 events in a row, they will be demoted. Unless you have an excuse not to come, you SHOULD be able to come. Also, if I see a chat, empty, 1 more time, I will personally fire all of you. We are the second largest army in cp! Then how come, every time I go on chat, I see only 10 people there, and 10 more in my friend list in another chat? That will be another consequence. If you are caught in another chat than gt, you will be demoted. This applies to mods and owners. Owners, the reason you are an owner today, is because you worked, you are extremely active. Do you want that taken away from you? Of course not. Mods, you are mods for the same reason, you work hard, and you have the abilities to become an owner. You don’t want that dream to be crushed now do you? Look, you all want the same thing. To become leader of gt. How will that happen? When you stay on chat, when you are there for a unscheduled event, and a scheduled event. We have more than 70 active. Then how come I don’t see those 70 at events? I was disappointed with the amount of people in the War with Iw. There was expected 40+, 20-30+ came. All I’m asking is for you guys to get active, stay on chat, and if our chat gets boring, start a conversation! Recruit noobs, noobs are the greatest talkers in the world. So recruit them, and we will have a fuller chat, a more active one, and of course a larger army. Remember, working alone we get no where, working together we get somewhere.

To sum this post up, here are the requirements for mods and owners:

  1. Owners and mods must come on everyday, for ATLEAST 2 hours.
  2. Owners and mods must come on chat if they do not want to be demoted
  3. Members must come on chat if they want to be promoted (Applies to mods and owners as well.)

This isn’t much to ask for. As a troop, you must serve your time, just like every leader here did. Do the right thing, and good things happen to you. Do the bad thing, and consequences attack you like an angry mob of chimpanzees O_o



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