Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to work.

First of all, we are going to war with DCP, and you can view that post by clicking here. Second of all, for the next 2 weeks we will not be participating in any wars. But, that does not count the DCP war. Lately.. we have reached accomplishments that I HAVE to be proud of. But, you know me, I’m Ganger. I don’t give up. And when I know an army can grow even larger, then I work to accomplish it. Now listen, I need to tell you ALL something. We must never merge, and from this day on, PROMISE not to. We will become the largest army by ourselves. We will keep our spot, and keep growing. We have been getting 30+ at battles, which is very good. But let’s work for 40-50+. All we need is about 30 recruits total and if we keep our CURRENT size in battles during Recruiting, that should be no problem. Speaking of recruiting, on Saturday we went on Mammoth. It was a GREAT success and we had about 5 recruits come to our chat! We didn’t even have many on CP or chat at first, but we still had a great success considering that we now have rogues on the server Mammoth. In my mind, that’s like being the 2nd largest army. Wait, we are! You can view our introduction at the CPA Central’s site. I am so proud of you! The only other army that I had that got this close to being the 1st largest army was RFW. And at one point, we actually BEAT ACP in Boomer’s age. We had 35 on CP while ACP had 30. But ENOUGH with that accomplishment. As I said I’m staying to right now and the future. Back to the point, the GT will grow. We will continue working towards 50+, and once we reach this point we will be the Largest army! I know you all want to reach this achievement, but remember. Our allies, the ACP, are the current largest army. So we will not side-track them or go to war with them. Instead, once we reach 50+, we will have a Practice Battle with them. And unless they want a war, we will not go to war with them. You are all witnessing the rise of the Golden Troops.

~Ganger, GT-Leader


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