Snow plow: Successfully Defended

Edit: DO NOT go on Cp until Sunday unless a leader has given an order to get on. Cp Moderators are banning penguins. Stay off until the coast is clear. This is a Red Alert.

EDIT: Don’t worry about posting comments trash talking on dcp site. Some noob of an owner just edits them to make it look like we said something we didn’t. We don’t edit your comments? What can’t take the trash talk? You can dish it out but can’t take it? Prepare for the worst dcp…

Gt vs Dcp scoreboard:

Gt=1     Dcp=0

The wait is over, Complete post! Click read more:

Jerry edit:

Look at this. Where you see on the underline, is where Dcp has edited our comments. When i commented, I commented at Gangers’ comment which was unlike him. Here dcp edits my comment to something vulgar. He does it for Sercan as well. Dcp, just cause you lost doesn’t really make you look better when you make destroy our comments.

\Lol Dcp read: This is how an invasion works. You have to fight us in a room and get us to retreat to the next and then you have that room claimed. A room is not claim if you retreat to another room, take a picture, then we show up and dominate you, then you retreat again and we do it again.

Despite Dcps’ way of trying to say they won, we, The Golden Troops, have successfully defended our capitol. Dcp, is claiming they had size.

  1. In the beginning, we tied in size
  2. In the middle, we dominated
  3. In the end, we dominated.

Dcp says they won by tactics

  1. Mad face, charges, and hearts.(Dcp)
  2. Hearts, Mad face, bored face, Money, Toots, Golden Troop spam, Charges, Puffle bomb, sneak attacks, Lines, and more.(Gt)

Dcp says they claimed 5 major rooms

  1. Town (Gt)
  2. Forts (Dcp)
  3. Dock (Gt)
  4. Beach (Gt)
  5. Mine (Gt)
  6. Cove (Gt)
  7. Pool (Gt)
  8. Mine (Gt)
  9. Every time Dcp goes to invade a room, they stay for 2 minutes, we come in and fight them, destroying them, and then they leave “Claiming the room” Making a tactic or two in 1 room isn’t claiming.

Now, time for pictures! (We are still collecting pictures, please wait. Thank You)

Please put your hands together for a special presentation of the war made by the Legend. Special thanks to Kennedy for helping us find Dcp when they ran away.

Click the following link to see the slideshow. thank you.

Toot bomb killing dcp.

Both armies charge each other

Spamming Golden Troops on dcp and to add some spice, we also sun bomb.

Dcp decided to charge us, so we give our bored face.

Another toot. Trying saying “Dcp Claims beach” with a load of farts in your mouths

Battle heads to Mine, where we charge them.

Successfully defended ourselves with Suns.

We grow mad and give our war face.

Another charge.

We heart walk crushing Dcp.

We charge again from behind.(So many charges today) Dcp with a weak war face.

A fairly large line, with money signs.

Turn red to become a beta? (One of flares bots)

Picture3.png picture by starwars8809

We send part of Gt, thinking this was only a part of dcp, and puffle bomb them.

Dcp, consider yourself Owned



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