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Defense of Klondike and Outback *DIVISIONS*

If you make the war, you will probably get a promotion, if you don’t make it, you may get Demoted unless you have a good excuse.




We are going to be defending our servers Klondike and Outback, but in a special way. That way is called Divisions. This will be the first time doing a war in Divisions, so I expect the best of it. I know.. you know.. both divisions Marines and Alpha. While speaking of it, CLICK HERE to find your Division. Marines are green and Alpha is blue. Press CTRL+F to find your name and if your green, then your Marines and if your blue, your Alpha. It’s a relatively simple process. Do not freak out because it’s our first time, just take it smooth. I’m also going to be testing some soldiers leading skills in the Marines Division. Read below for that schedule, this is not relatively true until the true amount of time the war takes is represented. But anyways, it’s going to be scheduled for one hour, now here’s the list.

Remember, this is for Marines and not Alpha.

Ganger: 30 minutes of leading

Oct: 10 minutes of leading

Everyone else: I’m going to try my best to have everyone get a chance to lead

Now, for the battle information.

Marines: This is YOUR position

Defense of Klondike

Where: Klondike

When: Saturday, May 8th


10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

11:00 AM Mountain

12:00 PM Central Standard Time

1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

6:00 PM United Kingdom



Now, for the Alpha Division! Look on the ranks to decide if you are Alpha division, if you are not, READ ABOVE. Battle information!

Alpha: This is YOUR position

Where: Outback

When: Saturday May 8th

Who: DCP Ranch vs GT Alpha


10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

11:00 AM Mountain

12:00 PM Central Standard Time

1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

6:00 PM United Kingdom




Comment If You Can/Cannot Make It!

It’s a Fight!



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