Prepare for the worst Dcp…

Well we have a thing about when people TRY to invade our beloved capital. Even though you FAILED majorly we will still get our revenge.

Written back in the days of the golden warriors we had an amendment/law that stated:

When an army invades our capital, we pledge to respond to the fullest of our extent. When we have a chance of losing our capital, afterwards the stated army that invades will then have to defend. We pledge to invade their capital first to make it threatening for that army, then slowly invade their nation afterwards.

I recently found that amendment/law so time for revenge dcp. Is it Dcp that we hate? not necessarily. Its more of their owner ranks. All of them except a couple. So if Dcp ends up getting screwed out of alot of servers, you can blame them for starting this war :P.

I recently got some pc’s from some dcp soldiers (not sure what rank) saying that this war needs to end. Now wait a minute? Dcp declares war, and after losing one round they want to end it? What should we do? We will drag it out. This war will be a long war. War is what cp armies need.  Is it our fault that we are going to take down dcp? No it’s their leaders.

When an army declares war on us, we shall go through with it. No chickening out. This is a war Dcp, welcome to the big leagues. Think before you act, prepare to be demolished.


~Rise of the Golden Troops~


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