I’m thinking of creating a Senate for us. The Senate will hold 8 Senators and 1 Head Senator. The Senate are a group who basically get involved in situations and they have an opinion on it. Consider them the Head Democracy and included in votes. You must be the rank of Master General- Commander Apprentice to run for Senator. You must be the rank of Head Commander- Co-Leader to run for Head Senator. The Senate, unfortunately, is not official yet. I need to have the approval of the leaders and the soldiers of GT. You don’t need anything to vote, just comment on this post and say ‘No I don’t want the Senate.’ or ‘Yes! I want the Senate.’ If the majority of the army say Yes, then the Senate Bill will pass and the soon to be Senators will soon get a say in Bills as well. I hope you all love this idea and the accessories that will follow with it. Enjoy the rest of your stay at the ‘Golden Troops Inn’ including Internet, 1 bed *hello* and a pool with each room!


March On!


~Golden Troops Leader

P.S: Sai, go to the Alpha chat and receive the password on it from Octavian123.


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