Soldier of The Month

Well, after looking over troops who have been active, it was very hard to choose. But I chose a soldier who is almost always on chat and when he’s on chat, he’s enthusiastic about war. He’s enthusiastic about the leaders choices. But most of all, he follows orders. Only some soldiers are such a great soldier as this one. Believe me, there were many other great soldiers, but this one stood out. Give it up for your Soldier of The Month….


Now, for the reasoning. Turwig has showed true dedication, life, and enthusiasm to the Golden Troops of Club Penguin. I’m so glad to have such a great damn soldier standing by me in battle. Turwig, I only have one thing to say.

Keep It Up,


~Golden Troops Leader

P.S: Read the post below!

P.S.S: My 3rd post today *wary*

P.S.S.S: Runner up: Lotus In Red


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