Team raids & tactics page?

Rio’s Edit:We will also hold contests soon where each division fight each other and a certain leader will judge the two divisions and the winning division will get a prize. This is also for fun and for training. The judge will be judging based on size, tactics, and war stradegy. This leader that’s judging will not be fighting or playing favorites. Can’t wait.

We will be introducing a new thing in club penguin. Raids are old, but this is ran a little differently. Each division will be raiding servers on scheduled times. We will work our best to get the divisions as large as we can. The larger the divisions, the larger the army as a whole.

During this scheduled raids, the 2ic’s will be leading since they are next in line for being leaders. This is called a team raid because both divisions will be raiding the same time, but on 2 different servers. This will give our divisions more practice as well as our 2ic’s. All leaders will help guide the 2Ic’s but only the 2ic’s will be leading the scheduled raids.



Now for the tactics page. This page is newly made and still under construction. We have many tactics down and we will add some more along with pictures of us performing that tactic.

To view the tactics page go to Yes this page is password protected so that other armies don’t go snooping around and stilling our tactics. In order to get the password to the tactics you must be with us for awhile, well long enough so we can trust you. All owners feel free to edit the page.



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