Alpha Alliance.. Listen Up.

This is GT Leader, Ganger90 speaking.

This war, World War.. whatever the hell you want to call it. I don’t give a damn about the odds, I don’t give a damn who thinks we’ll lose and I most importantly don’t give a damn about who THINKS THEY CAN BEAT US! The odds.. are no odds. The ACP… will soon be no ACP. The GT… will soon be the largest army in all of Club Penguin. ACP… Nachos … and all of the other armies who think you can beat us, theres 1 thing you CAN do about it.

Absolutely nothing.

As the age of GT rules Club Penguin, I know there will be only one army to stop us, but soon the army will have no existance. Golden Troops, from this day on, we will be the victors. The Number One army in all of CP. But, I can’t not do this alone. I need the help of the leaders, the mods, but most important.. The Soldiers. The Soldiers, the most important part of an army. With out you, CP warfare would be nothing. We would still be red, green or blue noobs running around Mammoth. If you are, right now, in GT, you receive a special gift. Go on chat to receive that gift.


If we don’t continue working, many of our recruits will leave, making our leaders leave. And then soon our original soldiers will leave. We need to ‘keep up’ the good work, gain more recruits, but most important. Show that we’re ‘That Damn Good’. So basically, keep up the good work!

World War X

This war was raged by the ACP and Nachos, wielding lust and power. This war is the UAF vs the ‘IW Supporters(Us)’. This war started out when Icey played a joke about this War with ACP. It ended up being just to see who IW’s allies were. After a short time(day or two) ACP and Nachos declared war on IW. When I was not on, a couple GT leaders agreed to go against ACP. If you want some more information on this recent out-break go to the Nachos, IWs or ACPs site.

Keep working guys and don’t forget to..




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